Friday, 23 March 2012

bit of a shock

Yesterday hubby and myself had an appointment at the hospital as my midwife was a little concerned that baby was on the small side. Turns out baby is fine size wise, but is in fact breech..or bum down. Apparently the guidelines for maternity units now state that elective caesareans are performed for breech births, especially if its a first baby. So we're going in on monday!! A c section was everything i didnt want for this birth, but i guess the 'experts' know best. So if all is quiet on the blog front then thats why!!


Trish said...

While it's not what you wanted, a c section isn't awful. I have a vaginal with my first, and a c section with my twins, and I was back running within 2 weeks. Good luck, and congratulations

Lee said...

Good luch Steph! I had to have an emerg. Caesar with my first bub (due to 3cm dialiation only after 26hrs labour) - so my Ob recommended a planned one for 2nd bub. I had a much better recovery the 2nd time round. SO hopefully your planned Caesar will go smoothly and your recovery will be nice and swift! Good luck to you honey, enjoy your little bundle when he/she arrives (because my first little bundle turned 11 in December - it goes so quick!), I'll be thinking of you from all the way over here in Australia.
xx Lee
(your old category stories teammate!)

stephanie said...

Aww thanks Lee. She actually arrived today! Eleanor Arwen Kaye