Sunday, 29 January 2012

wow so im a big fat blog slacker!! mainly because there really hasnt been much to tell!! my shifts at work are basically 2 on 2 off so i spend my days off recovering from working.
baby blanket is almost done. i had a few issues with yarn running out earlier than expected and at inconvienient times but i think ive got everything now.
i bought some Stylecraft yarn for a ripple blanket. i havent decided if it will be a granny ripple or just regular 1/2 or treble stitch.
the roller derby league i am on maternity leave from is playing their first official bout on March 3rd, which is very exciting! i will be manning the door as i will be 36 weeks and do not fancy being an NSO, as i would be on my feet for hours!!
for those toy lovers out there, playmobil have gone down the blind box route, with separate lines for boy and girl figures...i got a princess and a cavewoman.
lastly, take a look at my amazing new toms! perfect summer footwear.

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