Monday, 21 February 2011

the great house debate

Hubby and i are really fed up with our poky box flat now. there's no room to even consider children. so yesterday we wandered up to the developer who was building the house we like to find out how it's going. they told us how prices were increasing with each build phase, so marcus and i have come to the conclusion we will be priced out of the one we like. so instead we looked at a couple of others. the top picture is a 3 bed terrace, but we'd go for the end one, and the bottom pic has an integral garage. next saturday we're going to look around both and see if any feel right.


Nuwandalice said...

good luck house hunting! x

Anonymous said...

Ah, good luck and enjoy! I hope you find a lovely place that you can enjoy! We will be house hunting v soon too!