Tuesday, 7 September 2010

so much..

This last week has been truly exausting.
Thursday, 1am, we had a call to say M's grandad had passed away. Being Jewish, we all thought the buriel would be Friday. So thursday morning, i called work to say i wouldnt be in thursday or friday, and we all bundled into a car and drove for 2 hours to see his nanny and sort what needed to be sorted. But noone could decide who would issue the death certificate. Thursday turned into Friday, I went to work (exausted from a long day) and on coming home from work, M told me the funeral was to be Sunday. Our 1st Anniversary.

The funeral was very interested, from a non jewish perspective. It was pretty much all in Hebrew so i couldnt understand it, but it sounded beautiful as Hebrew is almost 'sung'.
We'd all spent 3 hours saturday night making rolls and sandwhiches and by sunday night, it was like the locusts had descended.

Last night, M went to bed at 8pm.

So our first anniversary has been written off, we got 3 cards from family and i got texts from 3 people. Im a little bitter that even my own family didnt appear to remember.

But on a positive note, a friend of mine is looking into setting up a Roller derby League! im so excited! ive been looking at skates online and trying to think of a cool roller girl name..i thought Skank Girl...i love ska music and the Tank Girl comics.

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