Wednesday, 4 August 2010

she's here!

say hello to Pandora Nyx. All my new girls have names from fairies. so L to R we have: Elidee, Maeve, Pandora Nyx, Mab and Bella. Elidee, maeve and mab were named after fairies in Jim Butcher's 'Harry Dreseden' series, and Nyx is another name for a sprite. Bella wasnt named from Twilight, she came first for me.

also missing is Eleora Dorrit, who should be back from the spa soon.

and for your viewing pleasure, this pile of crochet hats will be coming to BlytheconUK with me.

1 comment:

beka*b said...

What a jolly rainbow of dollies you have :) Pandora looks right at home... And you have been busy with all those hats - it's a shame I am no longer 'dans angleterre' else I'd be sure to attend BlytheCon UK - got my fingers crossed for the Portland one next year instead now :)