Thursday, 22 July 2010

more doll clothes

* my girls are very lucky at the moment. lots of new clothes. these are from Heavenly Blythe and are adorable IRL!
*im crocheting like crazy for BlytheconUK, which isnt til october but i want as many hats for my stall as possible!
*We decided early on we wouldnt have a holiday this year, due to house saving, but my lovely friend Sade, who lives in Cornwall, has said we can stay with her for a few days. So come september, we're having a mini break :)
*i got my acceptance letter from Bristol Uni yesterday, to say i have a place on their Childrens Intensive Care Practice course, which will end up giving me an honours degree! back to study for me!

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Laura said...

Congrats on the uni place! And Cornwall is great for a break. :)