Sunday, 10 May 2009

big weekend

so today was our turn to go to the Radio1 big weekend. it turned out to be a lovely warm/hot day but the bands weren't really our cup of tea. in the end, we only saw 4: white lies, marina and the diamonds, franz ferdinand and maximo park.

marina and the diamonds..
maximo park..

it wasnt too bad for a free ticket, although i did spend £30 on food and drink for the two of us!!

yesterday we went on an 8 mile bike ride, which almost killed me!! but all bike pedals present and correct still!

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I am... said...

sounds like a good day even if the bands werent the best :)
hope ur well, and thanks sooo much for the little happy mail we got!!, those gloves are so snuggly, and adorable, we both keep sniping them from each other, and ayesha claimed the candy lol her fave :D
your sweet