Monday, 2 February 2009


its still snowing. we cancelled our appointment with the vicar as the roads are verging on the side of dangerous. when i left the house to go shopping earlier my brakes didnt work and i slid out of my street onto the main road - luckily there wasnt any traffic. its going to get really cold tonight so it'll turn to ice, which means my drive to work at 6am will be risky to say the least.

just got back from the cinema where i watched Nick and Norah's Playlist. a nice easy to watch film. with a fab soundtrack.


I am... said...

ooh i want to see that movie!
it looks so cold there.
its like high 30s, low 40s here, so hot.

oh and a big OOPs on the kr blog, i had not changed the number of displayed links from 10 so when i added the new ones it took some others off, the "s" letters all fixed now!!!

omg how cute is my little candy blythe.
fingers crossed i win lotto or something i need her.
im seriously thinking what can i sell to buy her lol.


~Vicki~ said...

oh i want to see that movie!!! i've left you an award on my blog xxx