Monday, 22 December 2008

last night..

we went to see Cherry Poppin Daddies in London. i managed on 4 hours sleep after a 12 hour night and stayed awake til we got home at 1am. i love London, and i love Camden. its a bit on the dirty side but it's a place where it doesnt matter what you look like, you can fit in. the gig was ace, 2 ska punk support bands, the Catch it Kebabs and Grown at Home, who both rocked. the place was packed with rockabilly girls and guys in their 50s style gear - very cool. CPD were full of energy. i never realised how old they were, mid 40s? receding hairlines and everything. but really played the crowd. i jiggled all night til my legs were sore.

and then i found CHERRY tic tacs in a corner shop on our way back to the tube. made my night.

tom (our cat) hated having my friend Chris stay over. totally freaked him out. he wouldnt go in the front room on his own and sat in the doorway staring at poor Chris!

i have 1 more shift before christmas now and i cant wait.

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I am... said...

lucky girl, i would of loved that show, i havnt seen a band in forever, man i used to go allll the time, i feel so old and boring these days haha.
and hey camden, that is cool, there is a camden here in nsw where ayesha came from well used to live near at least before moving to newcastle ;) lol
pointless post really.
ill be off now.
take care, and all of you have a very merry christmas!