Thursday, 19 July 2007

new bits :)

so i got some brill new stash bits through the post yesterday, including this page kit from scrapping angels and these stamps from clever cut. I cant wait to get using them!

Crazy person that i am, i cycled to Asda as it was such a glorious day! it's only about a mile down the road but im not much of a bike person, so by the time id gone all of 200 yards my legs wanted to get off and go home! when i got there i decided to treat myself to a new book, got a drink and came all the way home! aren't i good! and i then proceeded to read said book on my fold out chair outside :) well i couldn't waste that sunshine!

Last night was a girly night with my mum and my sister. We had pizza and watched Harry Potter at the cinema. It was a really good night, so nice to do something without trailing menfolk behind us! The film was pretty good too, although as an adaptation they left a tonne of stuff out. the casting was really good too. Imelda Staunton plays Professor Umbridge, a character who believes everything she does is for the good of the wizards. the thing is, she always wears pink and has an office full of plates with cats on, even though she's plainly nuts! very good :) There was also a trailer for the new adaptation of Hairspray with chrisopher walken and john travolta in; it looks amazing!! i want to see it next week!

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